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All patients who require repeat prescriptions please phone the reception team to make an appointment with the Doctor.

Our Services

Harolds Cross Medical Centre provides a full range of medical services, treatments and investigations relevant to General Practice to people living and working in the D6 area and the surrounding areas and City.





Clinical Psychology

Within our Clinical Psychology Service our experienced clinician is trained to understand and treat a wide range of mental health problems and emotional issues using psychological assessment, formulation and intervention.

Our Clinical Psychologist Dr Dearbhla Connor uses a variety of evidence-based treatments to help alleviate your emotional distress. She has a particular interest in working with young people and adults. She takes an integrative approach to her therapy, drawing on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy as well as relational therapies, for example, Cognitive Analytical Therapy (CAT).

Her clinical interests are in the areas of: anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship difficulties, personal professional development, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Schizophrenia.

It is important to stress that each person is unique and therefore your Psychologist will tailor treatment to suit your individual needs often integrating from a number of treatment modalities.

Some reasons as to why one may attend a Clinical Psychologist include experiencing




Anxiety & Panic Attacks


Traumatic Experiences


Interpersonal Difficulties


Personal professional development


Low Self- Esteem




Bereavement and Loss


Relationship Difficulties

Dr Dearbhla Connor is a registered member of the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI).

Our service welcomes self-referrals, referrals from GP’s or other organisations. Please note you do not require a GP referral.

If you would like to arrange an appointment with Dr Dearbhla Connor please contact her on 087 612 6008.


Our physiotherapist Sean Boland is trained to assess and treat a variety of conditions that affect the physical function of adults and children. Physiotherapy aims to restore proper functioning to the body or, in the case of permanent disease or injury, to reduce the impact of any dysfunction.

Physiotherapists play a crucial role in helping people cope with and recover from illness and injury. They use exercise, movement analysis, manual therapy and specialist techniques to restore and improve health. Physiotherapy can treat many different disorders including musculoskeletal, neurological or cardiothoracic conditions.

Physiotherapy treatments are provided by Sean Boland at our practice on a Monday and Friday evening.

To make an appointment please phone reception on 01 492 2665 or contact Sean directly on 087 754 0809

Need To Book An Appointment?

Simply call our team on 01 492 2665. Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 17.30pm
Closed for lunch 12.30 pm to 13.30pm. Closed Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays

Nurse Services


Blood samples are taken routinely at the Clinic every morning. Patients are generally directed to the phlebotomist and the practice nurse by the doctors for this procedure. Results can sometimes take one to two weeks. In general, you do not need to fast.


The nurse can remove stitches (sutures) and clips following surgery or injury. The removal of stitches is usually instructed by the hospital. Please make your appointment well in advance to ensure you get an appointment with the nurse for the correct days.


Cryotherapy involves the use of liquid nitrogen to remove a variety of skin lesions including warts and verrucas. This effective course of treatment can be organised by initially requesting a routine Doctors appointment for assessment. Follow up visits will probably be necessary.

Ear Syringing

If wax in a patient’s ears is causing a problem, it may be removed by syringing it out. A routine appointment can be made with the nurse however you may need to have a Doctor’s appointment prior to seeing nurse. It is requested to put wax-softening oil in the ear canal for some 5 days before this procedure to facilitate the easy removal of wax.


ECG testing is performed on site by the Nurse at the request of the Doctors. It is a recording of the electrical activity of the heart.


Childhood Immunisations

Immunisation is a simple, safe and effective way of protecting babies and children against certain diseases. The practice Nurse administers the primary childhood immunisation schedule. They are free and can be found on the  HSE Primary Childhood Immunisation Schedule.


The practice nurse will give injections that are required on a regular basis in the case of patients on long-term medication that has to be administered.

Wound dressing

The practice nurse may dress chronic or acute wounds as required. She will assess the progress of the wound and liaise with our doctors, the public health nurse, the hospital out-patients or the local wound clinic where necessary.

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

A Blood Pressure monitor can be given to the patient to get a picture of the level of blood pressure over a 24-hour period. The need for this will be discussed with a doctor at the Clinic and an appointment must be made with the practice nurse for fitting of the device The device is returned to the nurse 24 hours after having it fitted and an appointment made for the doctor to discuss the results.


In addition to the HSE immunization schedule we also administer Varicella (Chicken Pox), Meningitis B, Pneumonia, seasonal (Flu, Covid) and travel vaccines.

Joint Injection

Joint injections maybe used to treat swollen or painful joints.  A combination of local anaesthetic and a corticosteroid are injected directly into the affected join.  This is also called an intra-articular injection. The joints most often injected are the shoulder and knee.

To book appointment please phone reception and request an appointment with Dr Jim Holden or Dr Ciara Joy, who will make an assessment, investigate as appropriate and proceed to joint injection if this is deemed to be valuable.

The Benefits:

The benefits are normally experienced within a few days, if successful, and can last for months.  The medicine should help decrease inflammation, swelling and pain.  Generally, patients will respond after one injection, however it may be necessary to administer a further injection.  Side-effects are few but can occur and this will be discussed during your consultation.

New Patient Registration

We welcome new patients to our surgery.

If you would like to see one of the doctors, please phone reception in advance to discuss registering and making an appointment. Our team will be happy to chat to you about the practice and our services and assist you with making an appointment.

To register with Harolds Cross Medical Centre you will need to provide the Clinic with your contact details. A registration form will need to be completed prior to your first doctor’s appointment, to register online please click the button below to complete the form. If you would prefer to submit the form in writing, please contact our reception to discuss further or download our patient registration form HERE and post or drop it in to the practice.

The registration process is completed following a consultation with one of the Clinic’s doctors.

You will be asked to arrange for past medical notes from a previous GP to be forwarded to Harolds Cross Medical Centre. This process is required for both private and medical card patients.